PeaZip 4.9.2 Updates Icons Sizes

The latest version of PeaZip can be downloaded from Softpedia

PeaZip 4.9.2, an open source file and archive manager that can be used to extract, create and convert multiple archives at once, has been announced.

PeaZip 4.9.2 is just a maintenance release, but the developers have taken the time to upgrade the backend and to make some minor UI adjustments.

Highlights of PeaZip 4.9.2:

• Pea has been updated to version 0.43;

• The small icon size has been enlarged. This means that 16 pixel icons are now shown in 20 pixel areas;

• The menu has been modified to display folders relevant for recent activities;

• Various minor fixes have been implemented;

• The "keyfile not found" issue, for the PEA format extraction, has been fixed.

A complete list of changes and updates can be found here.

Download PeaZip 4.9.2 right now from Softpedia.

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