Parted Magic 2012_09_12 Has Mozilla Firefox 15.0.1

It also includes better support for the exFAT filesystem

Patrick Verner announced a few minutes ago, September 12th, the immediate availability for download of the Parted Magic 2012_09_12 Linux operating system for partitioning tasks.

Parted Magic 2012_09_12 comes with the following updated packages: GParted 0.13.1 (with LVM2 support), ALSA 1.0.26, Midnight Commander 4.8.4, Mozilla Firefox 15.0.1, exfat-utils 0.9.8, fuse-exfat 0.9.8, Portable OpenSSH 6.1p1, Coreutils 8.19, XOrg Server 1.12.4, grep 2.14, e2fsprogs 1.42.5, bash 4.2.037, btrfs-progs-20120821, eject 2.1.5, pigz 2.2.5, and kmod 10.

Moreover, udev has been removed and replaced with systemd, version 189 at the moment. Unetbootin has been updated to version 581, and the distro is now powered by Linux kernel 3.5.3.

Patrick Verner also fixed the script, because the command-line was way too long for atftpd, which looks like it has a command-line length limit and it only accepts files smaller than 32MB.

Download Parted Magic 2012_09_12 right now from Softpedia.

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