Parted Magic 2012_07_13 Incorporates GParted 0.13.0

It also adds built-in support for exFAT partitions

Patrick Verner announced last evening, July 5th, that yet another maintenance release of his Parted Magic Linux operating system for partitioning tasks is available for download.

Including the latest and greatest GParted 0.13.0 software, Parted Magic 2012_07_13 comes with the following updated packages: XOrg Server 1.12.3, exfat-utils 0.9.7, fuse-exfat 0.9.7, udev 182, btrfs-progs 20120708, pciutils 3.1.10, and smartmontools 5.43.

Moreover, the Tango icon theme 0.8.90 has been added in Parted Magic 2012_07_13, giving a more consistent appearance to the distro.

"I went one step extra and enabled exfat support through exfat-fuse and exfat-utils in GParted. You can create, label, and check exfat with Parted Magic's GParted exfat patched version." - said Patrick Verner in the official release announcement.

Download Parted Magic 2012_07_13 right now from Softpedia.

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