PS3 Media Server 1.81.0 for Linux Finally Gets HTTPS Support

The latest version of PS3 Media Server can be downloaded from Softpedia

PS3 Media Server, a DLNA-compliant UPnP Media Server that was originally written to support the PlayStation 3 and that now includes support for smartphones, televisions, music players and more, is at version 1.81.0.

This new version of the PS3 Media Server, 1.81.0, is mostly a maintenance release, with very few changes and bugfixes.

Highlights of PS3 Media Server 1.81.0:

• The audio channel options are now working properly;

• HTTPS support has been implemented;

• Support for support for the file:// protocol has been added;

• The application now matches protocols (e.g. mms://...) before extensions (e.g.;

• Audio channel parsing has been fixed.

If you have a PS3 Media Server version prior to 1.23.0, you will have to retain your old settings by copying the old config file/s to a new directory.

Download PS3 Media Server 1.81.0 right now from Softpedia.

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