PCManFM 1.2.1 File Manager Released with Numerous Fixes

This is the first maintenance release from the 1.2 branch of PCManFM

PCManFM or PCMan File Manager has reached version 1.2.1 earlier today. While there’s no official announcement on the project’s blog or homepage, we’ve dug up the changelog in order to notify our users of what’s new in this release.

Therefore, we can mention that PCManFM 1.2.1 fixes the “Edit -> Rename” menu item, which should be inactive if the rename function is not supported, fixes an issue with the install/uninstall functions for modules directory, and repairs a desktop configuration update problem when using old settings.

In addition, it fixes some icon positioning issues, repairs a cursor resetting issue in the location bar, fixes the dragging and dropping behavior of icons on the desktop, and addresses some memory leaks that appear when changing the wallpaper.

This first maintenance release of PCManFM 1.2 no longer adds the port number in the Connect to Server dialog if the port is the default one, adds “System;FileTools” into Categories for pcmanfm.desktop, and reorders the “View” menu items according with HIG (Human Interface Guidelines).

Last but not least, PCManFM 1.2.1 corrects the folder popup update functionality, displays all the windows correctly, and implements a cool feature called “drawing icons of dragged items,” which will allow users to see where the items will end up when dropped.

Download PCManFM 1.2.1 right now from Softpedia, but be aware that it is only available as a source archive, which must be compiled and configured prior to installation. Because of this, we strongly suggest you to wait until the software is updated on the default software repositories of your Linux distribution.

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