Organize Your Digital Collections with Data Crow 3.9.19

The latest version of Data Crow can be downloaded from Softpedia

Data Crow, a media cataloger and organiser which can be used to manage all your collections in one product, is now at version 3.9.19.

Data Crow 3.9.19 allows users to create a huge database containing all the possible collectibles and to take advantage of the online services to retrieve the information, at will.

Highlights of Data Crow 3.9.19:

• Users can now safely upgrade from version 3.8.16, and earlier, without losing pictures;

• The title rewriter and the name rewriter have been fixed and are now working again;

• It is now possible to specify the user directory relative to the Data Crow installation folder. Start the name with a dot (.) to make the path relative to the installation folder; ./data or .\data. This only works for the -userdir: parameter;

• The File Importer now allows the online search to always pick the first result.

Check out the official website for a complete list of changes.

Download Data Crow 3.9.19 right now from Softpedia.

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