Organ Trail: Director's Cut Available on Steam for Linux with 20% Discount

Play with your friends and try to survive the zombie apocalypse

Organ Trail: Director's Cut is now available on Steam for Linux and benefits from a 20% discount, on all platforms.

We all love indie-retro games, but Organ Trail: Director's Cut goes way beyond retro. The developers from “The Men Who Wear Many Hats” studio have made a game reminiscent of titles from 20 years ago.

At its core, Organ Trail is a zombie survival game. Players will travel across the land, in a station wagon, with four of your friends. They will need to find supplies and to kill zombies in order to stay alive.

The tough life on the road can make your friend's characters die from horrible diseases, and you will have to kill them, if they get bit by the zombies.

If you are interested in Organ Trail: Director's Cut, you should check the official Steam website.

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