One More Reason to Abandon Windows OS, Crytek Is Hiring a Linux Programmer

Crytek is looking for a very skilled Linux programmer for CryENGINE

Crytek, the company behind the Crysis franchise, is looking for a Linux programmer who will work on the 3D engine developed by the company.

One of the main problems of the Linux platform as a gaming alternative is the fact there are no triple-A games developed for it.

This is about to change, because Crytek, a studio best known for the amazing graphics that fuel its games, is hiring a Linux programmer to work on the CryENGINE.

Crytek is actually selling the CryENGINE technology, just like Epic is doing with the Unreal engine, and it is looking to expand the available platforms.

A number of major games could arrive on Linux, such as Star Citizen (based on CryENGINE), and the developers have already expressed an interest in the open source platform.

If you think you got what it takes, check the job posting on the Crytek website.

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