OLPC OS 11.3.0 Offers Support for XO-1.75

It also incorporates Sugar 0.94 with lots of improvements

OLPC OS, a Fedora-based Linux distribution designed for the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project's XO Laptop, has just reached version 11.3.0.

OLPC OS 11.3.0 for XO-1 and XO-1.5 adds several new features and significant bug fixes. It's also a provisional release for the new XO-1.75 and it acts as a verification of release processes and infrastructure.

The most important updated software is Sugar 0.94 which includes various improvements, such as more powerful View Source functionality, and easier file exchange between the Journal and the regular filesystem.

Another notable change is that the Keep button has been removed from activities mainly because users confuse it with Save, when in fact Sugar saves all the necessary progress.

We also have to mention another noticeable improvement, more specifically that the full-screen launching animation for activities has been optimized and is now much less resource hungry than before. In OLPC OS 11.2.0 on XO-1 this animation failed to appear.

For the full list of changes please check the official changelog.

Download OLPC OS 11.3.0 right now from Softpedia.

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