Nuclear Dawn Becomes First Steam for Linux Game That Drops Linux Development

The game didn't made it out of the Beta and the Linux version has been abandoned

Nuclear Dawn, an FPS and RTS blend developed by InterWave Studios, will no longer make it to Linux and the project has been abandoned.

The developers of Nuclear Dawn, the guys from InterWave Studio, announced a few months ago that a Linux version was incoming. A beta version was made available and then everything went silent.

A concerned user discovered that InterWave Studio is gone and that the development has been taken over by GameConnect. The Linux version has been abandoned.

“Thank you for your email. To get straight to the point, InterWave has stopped business since December 2013 and no longer exists.”

“Because it is a project of GameConnect now that interwave has been shut down, I have no idea right now what might happen in the future but so far it will stay as is. The linux built unfortunately will also stay as is, as we are not able to complete it due to no one working on it anymore unfortunately. The Win/Mac builts work 100% fine,” said the Chief Executive Officer from TechConnect B.V.

This is probably the first game on Steam for Linux that abandons the Linux platform and goes back to being a Windows and Mac OS title.

Update: As pointed out by our readers, this is not actually the fault of the original developers, InterWave Studio. Any company can go under and they most likely wanted to make a Linux version. We shouldn't hold it against them.

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