No uTorrent for Linux by Year's End

But you can run it with Wine, with our easy tutorial!

BitTorrent Inc. promised last year, when they released the uTorrent Server for Linux, a client version of the extremely popular uTorrent torrent downloader.

"While the exact specs as well as the timing are still being developed, we expect uTorrent for Linux to be available for download later this summer." said a BitTorrent Inc. spokesperson at that time.

Well, it's November 2011 and we see no uTorrent for Linux! When asked why there's no uTorrent client version of Linux users out, BitTorrent Inc. said that the company has other priorities at the moment.

Moreover, it appears that the project requires a lot of additional work, because of the recent features added in the Windows version of the uTorrent software.

Well, don't despair! Until a native uTorrent Linux client will be released (somewhere in the far-distant future) you can run it with Wine, with the help of our popular and easy-to-follow "uTorrent under Ubuntu in 3 Easy Steps" tutorial.

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