No More Wacky Names for Fedora

The Fedora Board is poised to change the naming scheme

Something happened with Fedora in the last years and the names just weirder and weirder, but this is about to change and Fedora 19 will have a proper, butcher name.

Fedora 7 was Moonshine, Fedora 8 was Werewolf, Fedora 11 was Leonidas, and so on. Then comes Fedora 17, dubbed Beefy Miracle. The developers have tried to make this into a funny and yet serious distribution, but no one could pronounce the name without smiling.

The community process that determines the name is not exactly reliable, so everyone was waiting to see what crazy name Fedora 18 will have. We were not dissapointed, as the name that won was Spherical Cow.

Fedora guys have snapped and said that enough is enough. The Board, as they like to call themselves, decided that "it would be worthwhile to come up with a new procedure for selecting the name for the Fedora 19 release and beyond to attempt to solve some of the issues that have been brought up".

Maybe Fedora 19 will have a proper name, but the community backlash could prove to be too much. We'll just have to wait and see.

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