New Ubuntu Touch Image Promoted Despite Lingering Bugs

The developers have vowed to fix the issues as soon as possible

Canonical is improving Ubuntu Touch with each new version, and now a new release has been made available.

The Ubuntu team promoted a new image for Ubuntu Touch, despite the fact that it's still plagued by a few problems.

“We are promoting image #151. We based the promotion decision on the facts that dogfooding results are as good as the previous promoted image and the online-account settings bug isn't a new bug (after some more testing),” said Didier Roche on the official mailing list.

Also, the QML crash that plagued Ubuntu Touch for a while will be fixed soon, but it wasn't considered a release-stopping problem.

This is where the Canonical automated tests for Ubuntu Touch really made a difference. Users don't get untested images, but this also means that updates will be only released when developers think it's safe to do so.

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