New Ubuntu Mir-Powered Bootsplash Looks Cool - Video

Ubuntu developers are making great progress with Mir

Canonical has been doing a great job with Mir and Ubuntu, but sometimes their efforts go unnoticed because a lot of the work is actually for the backend and it’s really showing. A small piece of code with Mir powering the bootsplash for Ubuntu Touch can make all the difference.

The development of Ubuntu for phones has been going great and the developers work to push major features all the way. The phone platform is also the hope of the Mir display server, which for now is the only place that you’ll be able to see it in action.

Unfortunately, even if Mir has been heavily publicized, the work of the team on this particular piece of technology is usually for the background and you can’t really see it. In fact, if it will work flawlessly, as Canonical wants to eventually, you won’t be able to recognize it.

An Ubuntu developer published a small video of the bootsplash for Ubuntu running on Mir and it’s one of the few opportunities to see Mir doing something else that powering the desktop. Now, if they would only bring it faster to the desktop so we can have some cool bootsplash instead of that static logo, displayed in a weird resolution…


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