New Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Icon Theme Uses Origami Concept

The Ubuntu designers are basing the new icon on an interesting concept

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS has a good chance of getting a new icon theme, but there's one very interesting concept integrated in the design, and that is an origami motif.

When designers begin to make original artwork for operating systems, they usually start from scratch or they integrate the current trend in their work. Ubuntu designers have managed to produce something unique, that doesn’t follow the overall trend, and which is inspired by art.

In the Ubuntu 14.04 icon theme presentation showed during the Ubuntu Developer Summit, visual designer James Matthieu explained that they used an origami concept to illustrate various components.

“The default file shape represent a sheet of paper using the origami effect to maintain consistency with the style of some of the application icon,” said James Matthieu during the presentation.

This is not the first time that a folded corner is used for folders or files, but if you look close enough the folding mark of the “paper” is also present in the final form.

We hope that the new icon theme will make it because it looks awesome. You can see more details about the new icon in our original report.

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