New Steam for Linux Client Fixes Long Cd-keys Bug

A few other important fixes have been implemented in this new update

Valve has released an update for their Steam for Linux client, integrating a couple of Beta versions launched in March.

The development for Steam is usually done in the Beta branch and pushed at a later date into the stable version, but Valve didn't wait too long and released a new updated client.

Highlights of the new Steam for Linux stable update:

• A UI problem that prevented users from entering very long cd-keys has been corrected;

• A client crash, that occurred when loading extremely large community profiles, has been fixed;

• The handling of uploads for screenshots and saved games has been improved;

• An error message that incorrectly blocked the offline mode has been removed.

A more detailed description of the update can be found in the official announcement. You can also check out our Steam review.

Download the Steam for Linux installed from Softpedia.

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