New Steam for Linux Beta Client Fixes Friends Status Problems

The latest Steam client can be downloaded from Softpedia

Valve has launched yet another Beta version for its Steam for Linux client, this time with just a few minor fixes and improvements.

After a development version garners sufficient changes, Valve promotes that version to stable. The work for the next beta starts almost immediately.

Highlights of the latest Steam for Linux update:

• Friends will now show an icon next to their Online status to indicate if they are using Big Picture Mode, Steam Mobile, or Steam Web Chat;

• Friends in non-Steam games will now properly show as in game, like they do in the Steam Client (this is also true throughout the Community).

A complete list of this release can be found in the official announcement.

This is a Beta software and this means that bugs are bound to surface. Download the Steam for Linux installer from Softpedia and join the Beta program in the Settings in order to get access to the latest version.

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