New Mercedes-Benz Car Uses Ubuntu and Xubuntu for Full Autonomous Driving – Video

Ubuntu and Xubuntu have been spotted running in a Mercedes-Benz promotional video

The new Mercedes Benz S-Class Intelligent Drive prototype is a car that can drive itself in all kinds of conditions, and it seems that the engineers are using Ubuntu and Xubuntu to make it work.

Mercedes engineers have promised to bring full autonomous driving on the S-Class in about six years. This means that drivers will become rather useless, if they can afford it.

This feat of engineering has been achieved by using very complex software and cameras that are able to interpret and extrapolate road signs, other cards, and even traffic lights. The software needed to process all this information is running on Ubuntu and Xubuntu operating systems, as seen in the video.

The Mercedes representatives didn't go into details about OSes used and it very likely that is a proprietary software, but that doesn't mean it's not interesting to see that Ubuntu and its derivatives are used in such promising and powerful endeavors.

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