NetworkManager Fixes VLAN Interface Bug

A lot of other important fixes were implemented in this new stable version

NetworkManager, a program that works as network connection manager for most RPM and Debian-based distributions, is now at version

NetworkManager is a stable release and incorporates a significant number of fixes and changes.

Highlights of NetworkManager

• libnm-glib API has been added, to get bond interface slaves;

• Detection of some ACPI-based laptop airplane-mode/rfkill switches has been fixed;

• A crash that occurred when a VLAN interface was removed has been fixed;

• A regression setting the Device 'driver' and 'firmware' properties has been repaired;

• "Speedport W 501V" has been added to the list of manufacturer default SSIDs;

• Routing setup if gateway is not given with the first IP address has been fixed;

• nmcli has been enhanced for additional VLAN and bonding functionality.

Check out the official changelog for a complete list of new features and updates.

Download NetworkManager right now from Softpedia.

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