Network Security Toolkit 2.16.0-4104 Has Linux Kernel 3.4.9-2

A lot of other updates and new features have been implemented

Network Security Toolkit, a bootable ISO live CD based on Fedora Linux, designed to provide easy access to best-of-breed Open Source Network Security Applications that should run on most x86 platforms, is now at version 2.16.0-4104.

Highlights of Network Security Toolkit 2.16.0-4104:

· Uploading and viewing network packet captures generated by an NST system has been improved;

· The NST WUI ARP Scan page, which utilizes the arp-scan utility, has been completed;

· A separate NST WUI ARP Scan monitoring page was added;

· Most NST WUI pages have been enhanced to use an NST Shell Command Console for resultant output which allows for extreme flexibility when using the results for analysis or reports;

· New pop-up network tools widgets have been created for IPv4, IPv6, Host Names, and MAC addresses;

· Both the Single and Multi-Tap Network Packet Capture pages now have support for the new PCAP Next Generation Dump File Format;

· The NST Network Interface Bandwidth Monitor Ruler Measurement tool has been enhanced with Peak/Trough Detection and a Ruler Guide Movement Control feature.

Download Network Security Toolkit 2.16.0-4104 right now from Softpedia.

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