NVIDIA PhysX to Finally Arrive on Linux Soon

There are a lot of game that comes with this technology enabled.

NVIDIA has announced that its product Gameworks will be soon available on the Linux platforms, which means that there is a very good chance to get NVIDIA PhysX also.

Linux users have been wondering for some time when NVIDIA PhysX, one of the most advanced and interesting features of the NVIDIA chipsets, would arrive on the open source platform. Unfortunately, there is no official date yet and NVIDIA has yet to announce it formally.

Instead, the new NVIDIA Gameworks technology, which is composed from WaveWorks and FlameWorks, has been recently announced, but besides the features something has slipped through the cracks. The video for NVIDIA WaveWorks displays the technology, but the narrator also explains that it will be available for Windows and Linux.

All well and good, but WaveWorks makes use of PhysX, which means that Gameworks also needs PhysX, but that particular technology is not yet ready for Linux.

There is no indication about a timeframe for a Linux integration into the drivers, but support for PhysX would mean that a lot of games that support this kind of technology will make it to Linux.

NVIDIA PhysX is one of the last major differences left between the Windows and the Linux platforms, but it seems that those differences are vanishing quickly.

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