NES Inspired 2D Platformer Oniken Arrives on Linux in November

The game is set to launch on Desura for the Linux platform

Oniken, a 2D platform action indie game making use of 8-bit graphic style, will be launched on Desura, for the Linux and Mac OS platforms on November 22.

Oniken, a game taking place in a post-apocalyptic world after a war that almost wiped out the human race, is considered to be a tribute to the 8-bit action games from the NES era.

Everything from character design to the music reminds players that this is a game that values difficulty above all else.

Player takes the role of Zaku, a ninja mercenary that is part of the resistance movement, which fights a large, oppressing military organization called Oniken.

When purchasing Oniken, players will be able to download any of game's three versions, along with the original sound track and extra content.

Players that have already purchased Oniken also will have access to the new version through Desura or Bundle sites.

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