MySQL 5.5.30 Officially Released

Quite a few changes have made their way into this version

MySQL, one of the most popular open source databases in the world, has just reached version 5.5.30.

As usual, any new version of MySQL brings lots of improvements and version 5.5.30 makes no exception.

Highlights of MySQL 5.5.30:

• mysql-libs and mysql-libs-advanced have been removed from the spec file;

• A bit more intelligent processing of .in files in mysql-test/collection has been implemented;

• While converting directory name to filename, a file separator (FN_LIBCHAR) might get appended to the resulting file name. This problem was fixed;

• A pb2 random failure has been repaired;

• The test script which was added with earlier push did not work with embedded case, as there is no pid file created in such cases. "" has been added.

A complete list of fixed bugs, updates and new features can be found in the comprehensive official changelog, encapsulated into the archive.

Download MySQL 5.5.30 right now from Softpedia.

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