MySQL 5.5.29 Officially Released

Quite a few changes made their way into this version

MySQL, one of the most popular open source database in the world, has just reached version 5.5.29.

As usual, any new version of MySQL brings lots of improvements and version 5.5.29 makes no exception.

Highlights of MySQL 5.5.29:

• The SHOW AUTHORS and SHOW CONTRIBUTORS statements are now deprecated in MySQL 5.5 and have been removed in MySQL 5.6;

• The timing values for low-level InnoDB read operations have adjusted for better performance with fast storage devices, such as SSD;

• Inserting data of varying record lengths into an InnoDB table that used compression could cause the server to halt with an error;

• In rare circumstances, MySQL could apply InnoDB undo records out of order during a ROLLBACK of an operation that modified a BLOB column.

A complete list of fixed bugs, updates and new features can be found in the comprehensive official announcement.

Download MySQL 5.5.29 right now from Softpedia.

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