Mutter 3.10.1 Gets Fullscreen Improvements

A few other fixes and features have been added in this version

Mutter, a window and compositing manager that displays and manages your desktop via OpenGL, has reached version 3.10.1.

Owen Taylor has announced that Mutter 3.10.1 has been released, repairing a few problems and updating a couple of features.

Although it can be used as a standalone product, it is primarily intended to be used as the display core of a larger system, such as GNOME Shell. It can be enhanced by plug-ins and it's utilized in conjuncture with GNOME Shell.

Highlights of Mutter 3.10.1:

• Fullscreen workarounds are no longer applied to CSD windows;

• A few hangs that occurred during DND operations have been fixed;

• Nearest-pixel interpolation is now used when possible;

• Tile previews are no longer getting stuck on right click during dragging;

• Various bug fixes have been implemented.

Check the official announcement for more details. Download Mutter 3.10.1 right now from Softpedia.

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