Multi-Master Database Replication Software SymmetricDS 3.3.6 Fixes SQL Server Bugs

The latest version of SymmetricDS can be downloaded from Softpedia

SymmetricDS, an open source software for multi-master database replication, filtered synchronization, or transformation across the network in a heterogeneous environment, is now at version 3.3.6.

SymmetricDS 3.3.6 supports multiple subscribers with one direction or bi-directional asynchronous data replication and uses database technologies to replicate tables between relational databases.

Highlights of SymmetricDS 3.3.6:

• SQL Server 2000 triggers are no longer created by using the 'max' keyword;

• Multiple reverse reloads can be queued up and the timing issues have been resolved;

• An incoming batch is no longer stranded in the ER state;

• A warning provided when the expected is not received.

• Audit router no longer causes an NPE on MySQL.

Check the official changelog file, inside the archive, for more details about this release.

Download SymmetricDS 3.3.6 right now from Softpedia

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