Mozillux 13.4.1 Has Firefox 19.0.2

The distribution also comes with Thunderbird 17.0.4 and the latest security updates

Mozillux, a Linux distribution based on the popular Ubuntu and Debian GNU/Linux operating system, is now at version 13.4.1.

Mozillux 13.4.1 aims to promote Mozilla embedded in a desktop software suite that can be used by beginners and intermediate users.

The distribution is based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS with LXDE desktop, which means that it also benefits from Canonical's repositories.

Highlights of Mozillux 13.4.1:

• Linux kernel was updated to version 3.2.0-39;

• Security updates are up to date;

• Mozilla Firefox was updated to version 19.0.2 and it includes all add-ons for this latest release;

• Mozilla Thunderbird was updated to version 17.0.4;

• Seamonkey was updated to version 2.16.1;

• Retroshare is now at version 0.5.4-0.6270;

• Jdownloader was updated to version 0.9.581.

Check out the official changelog for more details about the distribution.

Download Mozillux 13.4.1 right now from Softpedia.

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