Mozilla Firefox 29.0.1 Officially Released

The first update for the latest Firefox 29 is now available for download

Mozilla has announced that the first update for the Firefox 29.x branch of the Internet browser is now available for download.

Firefox 29.0.1 has been released, but the company has yet to publish any details about this build. Most likely this just a simple maintenance update that comes with some security fixes.

The new Firefox 29 branch of the Internet browser had a bumpy launch because this is the first stable release that implemented the new Australis interface, which is basically a facelift for the software.

If you are using a Linux distribution, you don't have to do anything in order to get this new version. It's very likely that Firefox 29.0.1 will arrive in the repositories, if it's not already available.

As always, the binaries for Mozilla Firefox 29.0.1 can be downloaded and run without having to install anything. Be careful though, because you might encounter problems if you run two different versions of the same application.

Mozilla will eventually publish the details about this release but, until then, we can only test and use the application as it is. If you are really interested in the changes you can check the release notes when they become available.

Download Mozilla Firefox 29.0.1 for Windows

Download Mozilla Firefox 29.0.1 for Linux

Download Mozilla Firefox 29.0.1 for Mac OS X

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