MovieThumbs 0.1.2 Downloads Movie Posters for Thumbnails

This is a very simple utility that needs internet in order to work

MovieThumbs, an application used to generate thumbnails from movie posters found on (The Movie DataBase), is now at version 0.1.2.

MovieThumbs 0.1.2 will work with all KDE file managers and it will require a working internet connections in order to download the posters.

Highlights of MovieThumbs 0.1.2:

• The search queries are now sent encrypted;

• The application can find posters even if the name of file is complicated;

• MovieThumbs will now check if an Internet connections is available;

• Various translations have been added.

A complete backlog of changes can be found in the official announcement. Keep in mind that this is a development version and bugs are bound to appear.

If MovieThumbs downloads the wrong poster, users just have to rename the files and include mode details, like the year of appearance, for example.

Download MovieThumbs 0.1.2 right now from Softpedia.

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