Mir Registers "Huge Boost" in Games Over X

The information was provided by Mark Shuttleworth during his UDS keynote

Ubuntu 13.10 is almost upon us and Canonical developers are doing their best to get the Mir graphics stack in shape for the launch.

The only true believers in Mir are the Canonical developers and fans, but others have expressed serious doubt that anything serious will come out of this project. Canonical has a way of proving people wrong, on most occasions.

Mark Shuttleworth has started the new UDS (Ubuntu Developer Summit) with a very long keynote. Among all the things that he pointed out, one piece of information regarding the Mir displayer server has attracted our attention.

According to the Canonical founder, Mir is registering a “huge boost” over X, mostly in games and workstation modeling.

Nvidia or AMD have yet to provide proper support for Mir in their drivers, but this might change once Ubuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander) is out the door.

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