Minecraft Creators Make Scrolls for Linux

Scroll is a card game that will poise players against other gamers from around the world

Scrolls, an innovative game developed by Mojang, the studio responsible for the famous Minecraft, will be arriving on Linux.

Mojang is best known for Minecraft, but the studio announced a new type of game a while ago, called Scrolls. After battling it out with Bethesda over the name, which supposedly encroached on the Elder Scrolls patent, they went on developing the game.

Scrolls is a card game in which the player creates an army from a digital deck and unleashes it against players from around the world.

According to the developers, Scrolls will give players the freedom to participate in casual matches against their buddies and competitive ranked games against strangers.

The game is developed to be multiplatform, but a Linux version was missing from the start lineup. According to Jakob Porser, one of Mojang's founders, Linux wasn't left behind.

“May have forgotten to mention this, but Scrolls will support Linux as well as Win/Mac,” stated Porser in a Twitter post.

Scrolls is still in the alpha development stage and there is no release date available.

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