Metroid-Inspired Game, Gentrieve 2, Now on Linux

Players have the chance to purchase it before the official launch

Gentrieve 2, a first person action platformer game based on the Metroidvania genre, is now available for the Linux platform.

Gentrieve 2 has yet to reach a stable version, but the developers from Phr00t’s Software present potential customers with the opportunity to buy the development version at a discount.

The Metroidvania genre is not really popular, although there are a lot of titles already launched that could fit in it. The game worlds are non-linear and the players have to explore them every time they start a new game. The name is derived from the Metroid and Castlevania series.

Gentrieve 2 will confront users with generated levels, difficult puzzles, moving platforms, and even generated textures that will ensure no two levels look alike.

The game can be purchased currently from the developer's website. Gentrieve 2 should be available soon on Desura.

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