Meld 1.7.2 Allows for Manual Synchronization of Split Points

This release also introduces the "Ignore blank lines" setting in folder comparisons

The Meld developers have announced the immediate availability for download of the 1.7.2 version of Meld, a visual merge and diff utility targeted at developers, featuring a handful of improvements, bug fixes and updated translations.

Meld 1.7.2 introduces the ability for conflicts to be opened in a three-way merge mode for Git and Bazaar, in the version control view.

Manual synchronization of split points for comparisons has also been introduced, as well as the "Ignore blank lines" setting, which can be used in folder comparisons, just like the text filters are used.

Among the bugs repaired in Meld 1.7.2, we can mention several Windows compatibility fixes, version control compatibility fixes and updates, improved handling of Unicode filenames, improved support for cross-platform newline behavior, especially for Windows OSes, sensitivity fixes for both folder and file comparisons, and build and installation fixes.

Last but not least, the following translations have been updated in Meld 1.7.2: Spanish, Hungarian, Czech, Slovak, Serbian Latin, Polish and Brazilian Portuguese. For more details, please check the official raw changelog.

Download Meld 1.7.2 right now from Softpedia.

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