Meet Sabayon SteamBox Edition 13.10, the First Gaming OS Based on Steam Big Picture

A new Sabayon flavor has been released into the wild

Sabayon SteamBox Edition 13.10, a remastered 64-bit-only Sabayon live image that contains Steam, has been released.

The distribution is more like an experiment and it will boot directly to Steam Big Picture, without any other desktop environment.

“Steam is automatically started in Big Picture mode at boot. However, you can exit Steam and logout through an application running in background called ‘Steam Manager’ and then, log into GNOME and use the system as a normal Sabayon distro.”

“This allows you to make changes to it, like for instance, setup a wireless connection, configure Steam the way you want or just update the system, and then dive back into the ‘SteamBox’ mode,” reads the official announcement.

The distribution is optimized for Nvidia GPUS and it will not work properly with Intel, for example. Either way, you can go forth and test. The final SteamOS version will probably have a similar feel.

Download Sabayon SteamBox Edition 13.10 right now from Softpedia.

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