Meet RAPIRO, the First Humanoid Robot Powered by Raspberry Pi and Arduino

The developer has gone to Kickstarter to raise enough money for the manufacturing process

RAPIRO, a humanoid robot kit designed to work with Raspberry Pi, has gone to Kickstater in an effort to raise enough money.

RAPIRO is designed by Shota Ishiwatari and features an Arduino-compatible servo controller, 12 servo motors, full-color eyes (LED), servo control board (programmable and compatible with Arduino), Raspberry Pi mount, PSD distance sensor, and much more.

“RAPIRO comes with a total of 12 servo motors, one for its neck, one in the waist, four for the two feet, and the final six for its two arms. Rapiro can walk with its feet, can grip a pen, and can turn its head and waist,” said Shota Ishiwatari on Kickstarter.

The complete RAPIRO kit, which includes plastic parts, 12 servos, a servo control board, a RGB LED board, cables and screws, is available at £199 (€232 / $308).

More details about this project can be found on

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