Meet Lyndsey Scott, Victoria's Secret Model and Software Developer

She already has an app on iTunes and wants to make something for Android

When we’re talking about software developers, we don’t usually mean beautiful models, but this is just the case with Lyndsey Scott, a Victoria’s Secret Model who is also writing her own apps for iOS.

According to a report, Lyndsey Scott is not just a pretty face for Victoria’s Secret, she also majored in computer science and she’s making her own apps.

“I've programmed in Java, C++, Python, and I've also done a little programming in MIPS. I'm a huge fan of Python – it's super intuitive and I imagine if I were to write my own programming language, it would look a lot like Python,” said Lyndsey Scott.

It might come as a surprise, but it’s interesting to see how our general impression about developers can be challenged by someone who we might never identify as a coder.

She’s also a regular on Stack Overflow, a community that is used by developers for advice and general information. If you’d like to see her work, you should check out her app on iTunes, iPort.

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