Maxthon Internet Browser to Arrive on the Linux Platform

The developers of Maxthon have announced that they've started to work on Linux version

Maxthon has been present on the Windows platforms for a very long time, and even the Mac user got a version. It seems that Linux is now garnering a lot of attention and the developers have decided that Maxthon for the open source platform is now overdue.

Not many people have heard about Maxthon, mainly because it's not really all that famous in this part of the world. Even so, it's worth reminding uses that they had some features implemented long before Mozilla and Google even thought about them.

For example, the Maxthon developers have been the first to implement a sort of cloud account, unique to each user. It was called a passport, but the working principle was the same.

In any case, Maxthon will arrive on Linux and the developers need some information about users’ operating systems and other small trivia.

There is no launch date, but it's good to see that another browser is going to compete with the powerful Firefox and Google Chrome.

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