Mark Shuttleworth Thinks Apple Used the Ubuntu Edge Convergence Idea for iPhone 5S

Calling the processor inside iPhone 5S desktop-class was not an accident

Canonical's founder, Mark Shuttleworth, has made an interesting statement that ties together the concept of the Ubuntu Egde superphone and the new iPhone 5S.

A couple of months ago, Canonical and Mark Shuttleworth tried to raise money in order to build a phone that was supposed to be the “Formula 1” of mobile devices. It failed, but he thinks that Apple has taken some inspiration from the concept of the Ubuntu Edge.

"I think [Ubuntu Edge] may have accelerated the idea of convergence. You saw Apple's description of their new mobile CPU as 'desktop class' and I don't think that's accidental," he said in an interview for ZDnet.

Canonical's founder may have some inside information that’s unavailable to us, but that’s an interesting speculation coming from someone who has no interest in drawing gratuitous parallels.

It remains to be seen if Apple follows the convergence path drawn by Canonical's Ubuntu Edge.

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