Mark Shuttleworth Talks About Canonical's Conflict with KDE and GNOME Developers

Ubuntu Open Week has yielded a few surprises already

Mark Shuttleworth, the founder of Canonical, took the time to answer a few question from the community, during an Ubuntu Open Week session.

During the Ubuntu Open Week, Canonical developers have a transparency exercise with the community and they share a lot of interesting information.

Mark Shuttleworth himself has decided to talk about Canonical’s relationship with GNOME and KDE develoepers.

“We'll work as closely with both GNOME and KDE as we can. We have both great relationships and terrible relationships in both cases. There are individuals in GNOME and in KDE that are, respectively, either fantastic or impossible to work with, so disregard any bland statements about how 'KDE' and 'Canonical' engage.

“As always, it boils down to figuring out who wants to work together, and who doesn’t. We will do great stuff with both,” said Shuttleworth in the discussion.

More details about this Ubuntu Open Week can be found here.

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