Mark Shuttleworth Himself Demonstrates Ubuntu Phone at CES 2013 – VIDEO

Canonical's founder is making sure that Ubuntu Phone gets the right traction

CES 2013 has arrived in full force and Mark Shuttleworth is down in the tranches demoing the working of Ubuntu for smartphones.

This type of marketing was usually done by other people, but Mark Shuttleworth has taken a personal interest in Ubuntu for smartphones and it's now demonstrating the operating system, for the press.

The small video of Mark Shuttleworth at CES 2013, or better yet of his hands working the phone, has been done by a guy from

Canonical's founder is not showing anything we haven't seen before, but we have noticed that some of the lag from previous videos has dissipated. It's nice to see such a major difference in such a small timeframe.

Ubuntu for smartphones was announced a week ago and has caused quite stir. Everyone has taken a keen interest in the operating system, and we hope that Canonical will soon provide the source code for the OS.

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