Mark Shuttleworth Called a Disruptor by Forbes Magazine

Canonical's founder was included in a very exclusive list

Mark Shuttleworth, the founder of Canonical, has been called a lot of names, including Benevolent Dictator for Life, but the Forbes magazine has given him another title, that of a disruptor.

The Forbes magazine has put together a list of people who are “disrupting” the field in which they are working and, believe or not, Mark Shuttleworth is one of them.

“This guy is one tough competitor. His idea of a relaxing vacation spot is Antarctica or the International Space Station. Yes, he’s been to both. He’ll need that moxie to muscle into the mobile market,” stated Forbes' Karsten Strauss.

The main reason for this appearance in such a prestigious magazine and in a such a powerful position is Canonical's foray into the mobile and tablet market with Ubuntu Touch.

Check out Forbes' profile of Mark Shuttleworth and make sure to note the Bill Gates archetype comparison.

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