Mark Shuttleworth About Unity: The Sky Is Not Falling In

Canonical's founder has asked people to stop dramatizing the Unity situation

After announcing a new Unity Next and Mir display manager, Canonical has taken a lot of heat from the community, but Mark Shuttleworth has invited everyone to settle down and stop dramatizing the entire situation.

Canonical's founder, Mark Shuttleworth took the time to explain, in a long blog post, what his expectation from the rolling release model are, but he also slipped a few statements about the Unity controversy.

“The sky is not falling in. Really. Ubuntu is a group of people who get together with common purpose. How we achieve that purpose is up to us, and everyone has a say in what they can and will contribute. Canonical’s contribution is massive.

“It’s simply nonsense to say that Canonical gets ‘what it wants’ more than anybody else. Hell, half the time *I* don’t get exactly what I want. It just doesn’t work that way: lots of people work hard to the best of their abilities, the result is Ubuntu,” stated Mark.

The conclusion of this statement is that Unity is one of biggest innovations of Ubuntu and people will have to get used to it. No one is forcing them to use it and everyone is free to criticize.

In any case, the work on Unity will never stop and Canonical's intentions is to become a competitor for Android, Chrome, Windows and Apple

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