Mark Shuttleworth About Ubuntu Edge: We Have to Smash Every Record in Crowd-Funding History

Canonical's founder is optimistic about the result of the Ubuntu Edge project

Canonical is seeking to raise an enormous amount of money for Ubuntu Edge and Mark Shuttleworth thinks this can be done with the help of the community.

This is not the first crow-funding for a hardware device, but at $32 million (€24 million) this is the most ambitious project ever attempted. Even if it fails, it will be a good measure of the community's expectation from the current market.

“With this project, for the first time, you'll have the ability to try the most exiting technologies, long before anyone else. To make it happen, we'll have to smash every record in crowd-funding history. It's a crazy, beautiful idea,” stated Mark Shuttleworth in the presentation of the Ubuntu Edge project.

If the project is successful, the devices should arrive in May 2014.

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