MapR Technologies Announces Big Data Platform for Hbase

MapR M7 includes Integrated Snapshots, Mirroring, and many other features

MapR Technologies has announced at O’Reilly Strata Conference + Hadoop World 2012 that it is bringing Hadoop and NoSQL capabilities together on the HBase platform.

With MapR M7, Big Data operations ranging from batch analytics to real-time database functions can be performed with enterprise-grade reliability and protection.

“M7 is taking Hadoop and HBase to the next level,” said Jan Gelin, VP of technical operations, The Rubicon Project, a leading real-time advertising platform that was recently named number 1 in advertising reach.

“The enterprise-grade capabilities of M7 gives us a more complete platform and to the ability to do new things with data,” he continued.

MapR M7 is binary compatible with Apache HBase. Customers do not need to recompile or change code to take advantage of the enterprise-grade features. M7 also supports Apache HBase within the same cluster.

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