Manjaro 0.8.9 Gets Its Third Update Pack with Newer Linux Kernels

It's likely that more updates are on their way for Manjaro 0.8.9

Manjaro 0.8.9, a Linux distribution based on well-tested snapshots of the Arch Linux repositories and 100% compatible with Arch, has just received its third update pack.

Manjaro developers usually launch several update packs for the latest stable release of their distribution, bringing new packages and some new Linux kernels.

“I’m happy to announce our third update-pack for Manjaro 0.8.9. With this we updated to python 3.4. All python related packages got updated to work with this new release. Systemd is now at 212. Calligra got its first point release and got updated to 2.8.1. Also we ship new kernels and the brand new Virtualbox 4.3.10,” said the developers in the announcement.

The kernels currently supported by Manjaro 0.8.9 are Linux34 3.4.84 (LTS), Linux38 (stable extended support kernel maintained by Canonical), Linux310 3.10.34 (the default version used), Linux311 (stable extended support kernel maintained by Canonical), Linux312 3.12.15 (another LTS release), and Linux313 3.13.7 (which is not exactly the latest one, but it's fresh enough).

It's expected that more update packs are on their way, but we can't predict when they will arrive because there is no precise schedule in place.

More details about this release can be found in the official announcement. You can download Manjaro 0.8.9 right now from Softpedia.

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