Manjaro Released With Linux Kernel 3.8.8

The distribution includes Xorg Server 1.14.1 and updated installer

Philip Müller and the Manjaro development team has announced the first maintenance release for Manjaro 0.8.5, which was made available for download two weeks ago.

Being powered by Linux kernel 3.8.8, Manjaro updates the graphical installer and adds support for the following languages: Catalan, Greek, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese Brazilian and Romanian.

Moreover, the Manjaro Settings Manager was updated,  Xorg Server was updated to version 1.14.1, and a security issue was solved.

“With this update we adjusted or install medias to the new repository structure we have now. This will ease the installation of Manjaro Linux for new users a lot.”

“This release features pacman 4.1 and includes all updates from the 25th April 2013. Also we fixed slight issues we found in our initial release of Manjaro 0.8.5.” was stated in the official release announcement.

Manjaro is distributed as separate editions with the Openbox and Xfce desktop environments, supporting both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures.

Download Manjaro Linux, Manjaro Linux Openbox and Manjaro Linux Xfce right now from Softpedia.

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