Manga Game Bundle Available for Linux

A collection of games developed by Winter Wolves studio

The Manga Game Bundle, a collection of games produced by the Winter Wolves studio, is now available for Linux users.

Just like the Humble Bundle, the Manga Game Bundle contains a few games, but not all are available for the minimum price.

For the measly sum of $1 (€0.77), users will get four games, available for Linux, Windows and Mac: Heileen, Bionic Heart, Spirited Heart, and Vera Blanc Full Moon. Developers are providing Desura keys for each one and the games are DRM free.

If the customers choose to pay a minimum of $5 (€3.89), then they receive a bonus game called Planet Stronghold, which is a sci-fi anime RPG.

The developers from Winter Wolves studio have pledged to include in the base package this last game, Planet Stronghold, if they manage to sell 4000 units.

The deal will only last for 17 more hours, so if you’re interested in their games, check out the official website of the bundle.

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