Mandriva's New Media Player for Linux

ROSA Media Player 1.0 Beta already available for Mandriva users!

Denis Koryavov, lead user interface developer at the ROSA Laboratory, proudly announced last evening, November 30th, the immediate availability of a new media player for all Mandriva users.

Called ROSA Media Player (or ROMP for short), the new media player for Mandriva/ROSA is based on the source code from popular MPLayer and SMPlayer video players.

Being a fork of SMPlayer, Mandriva's new media player is much better, eliminating complex features and allowing users to easily play a video file. ROSA Media Player also looks better and it's much more usable than SMPlayer.

Among other features, ROSA Media Player has the ability to cut videos. Moreover, a ROSA Media Player plugin (created from scratch) for Linux web browsers (Firefox or Chromium), will display streaming videos.

In the feature, Mandriva's new media player will have support for video recording, video striping, built-in YouTube downloader and player, as well as an improved user interface.

ROSA Media Player 1.0 Beta is available right now in the Mandriva/ROSA 2011 and Mandriva Cooker main/backports software repositories.

Feel free to post below or here, and let the developer know what features do you want to see in Mandriva's new video player?

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