Mandriva and Zarafa Form a Partnership

The two companies want to bring a Microsoft Exchange replacement for Linux servers

Mandriva has announced a partnership with Zarafa, the Microsoft Exchange replacement for Linux servers.

With the help of Zarafa, users will be able to share emails, calendars, and contacts using Outlook or via a web browser. The integration with Mandriva will include a specific and configuration wizard, and the possibility to add Zarafa users in the Mandriva Directory Server (MDS) of MES5.

"One of the keypoints of this partnership is that these two products are not just integrated the usual way through services contract, but rather this integration is the result of two established vendors coming together to deliver the best value for their customers." said Gaurav Parakh, Vice President, Business Dev & Partnership Alliance Mandriva S.A.

The available packages will include support for for Mandriva Enterprise Server 5 (MES 5), a dedicated server for enterprise customers. Zarafa also comes with complete web access through a groupware interface with a look-and-feel like Microsoft Outlook.

The integrated Mandriva Enterprise Server and Zarafa Professional Edition are available now. Interested users can find more details on the official website.

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