Mandriva Wants to Invest in Formula 1

The announcement has been made on its official blog, from Paris

Mandriva S.A., the company behind the Mandriva operating systems, has announced today, straight from Paris, that it will invest in Formula 1.

Besides the major investment announced by Mandriva, the company also plans to implement its operating system into a Formula 1 racing car.

“Mandriva S.A. will now invest in Formula One racing and embedding Mandriva operating system in racing cars. As the automotive industry is moving towards the rapid inclusion of intelligent systems and autonomous driving capability, Mandriva wants to position itself as the reference operating system that will power tomorrow’s cars efficiently and securely,” reads the official announcement.

If you didn't get the idea from the communique, this is an April Fools' joke. It's so completely outlandish that it doesn't even need a proper disclaimer at the end to clear any possible misunderstandings.

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